Holiday Gift Guide | Toddler Girls

This year I tried to stay really organized and stick to a “want, need, wear, read” list for the girls. I also added a “Santa” and a “stocking” category. My 4-year-old was pretty easy, but my 2-year-old had me stumped. But I’m happy to say, I am finally done Christmas shopping for the girls, so I wanted to share some of my finds for others who are struggling for ideas!

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1. Minnie Mouse Music Mat – this is what I have down for my 2-year-old’s WANT – every time I ask her what she wants for Christmas she just replies “Mickey and Minnie”, but when I search “Minnie Mouse toys” everything that pops up we pretty much already have. I finally found this music mat for only $15 on Amazon, and it’s great because, obviously it’s Minnie, and also I’m always trying to find fun ways to keep the girls physically active while we are stuck inside during the cold winter.

2. Minnie Mouse Sparkle and Sing doll – this is most certainly not a NEED – as I said before, we own a LOT of Minnie toys – but since my 2-year-old only asked for Minnie I thought this would be an exciting gift for her from Santa, and a Minnie toy that is just hers that she doesn’t have to share with her sister.

3. Candy Land board game – I’ll admit – I do not and have never loved playing board games – but I thought this one might be fun to play with my 4-year-old, and it’s a classic! It’s another way to keep her entertained during these cold months ahead of us. I put this in her READ category, as she already owns a TON of books.

4. Crystal Flyer Starlight Idol – this item is on my 4-year-old’s Santa list, and although it’s listed as 6+, I got it for her anyway. I was hesitant because of reviews, but it’s really the one thing she asked for, and I know she will be super excited when she sees it!

5. Tileblox – this is a WANT – my kids have another set just like these but they keep seeing the pink and purple ones and asking for them. They weren’t easy to find, but these ones are pretty and only $25 on Amazon!

6. Frozen MeReader Books – these are obviously in the READ category – we got some of these as a gift when my oldest daughter was younger and they quickly became a favorite in our house. They help with reading as well as colors and shapes. We own a few different sets, but I know my 2-year-old will love the Frozen set!

7. & 8. Frozen Makeup Set & Disney Princess Makeup Set – another WANT for my 4-year-old – she got a makeup set last year and loved it but it was a lot of sticky goo so we ended up throwing it away. Ever since, she keeps asking for a new one, so I found this one that seems to be a little less sticky goo and more actual makeup, and she will love the princess theme!

9. Frozen Look and Find Dry Erase Book – another one for the READ category – both my girls love these books. They can be used with the marker or without. My 2-year-old just likes to scribble all over the pages and my 4-year-old loves to find the hidden pictures. They’re easy to clean and a good way to keep them entertained for a while!

I’m hoping this list will help you with some ideas! Check back – I will also share a few items I found for the wear, need and stocking category!

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