Tiny Girl Gang

Happy October! The start of our FAVORITE MONTH EVER because we get to celebrate ALL of our birthdays! It’s a party ALL month long!

I have a twin sister, so sharing not only my birthday month but actual birthday-day with someone has never been something I didn’t know, so when I found out I was due with my oldest three days after my birthday I was actually really excited! I ended up having her three days before my birthday on Friday the 13th – a day I used to fear but now I consider it lucky! My youngest was due in November, but when my doctor suggested I get induced at the end of October I had to hide my excitement – so here we are, four amazing birthdays to celebrate in October!

These t-shirts are so good – so soft, vibrant colors, and she’s always coming up with the newest, cutest designs and color combos! You can find them linked here!

Have a great Friday/October! Thanks for reading! XO

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