Spring Style | Overalls

overalls, also love these | top (old), similar here | shoes

Ok, so I actually got these overalls about six years ago and I’ve never worn them. I had been pregnant twice in that time frame, moved twice, forgot about them and/or just never got a chance. I busted them out a couple weeks ago and loved how they looked, and then I realized that Old Navy were again selling the EXACT same pair! Six years later! Proof that overalls really never go out of style!

I used to wear overalls all the time as a kid. I remember loving them. I have school photos in them. Wearing these that day took me back to my childhood! But in a more chic way! These days I’ve seen them worn in so many ways, dressed up or down. They really are fun!

I hope you’re having a great week! Cheers, and Happy Wednesday! XO – S

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