One Piece Swimsuits

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This time of year I’m always trying to get a head start on swimsuit shopping. We finally have a couple vacations planned (that hopefully don’t get cancelled – AGAIN) and I’m an online shopping type of gal, plus I prefer to try on swimwear in the comfort of my own home, so I like to get started early so I can try on a bunch and return some if I need to.

No matter how many times I try to break out of my comfort zone, a black suit always ends up being my go-to. The ribbed material and scalloped edging on this suit is so flattering. And since I’m constantly being pulled and tugged on in the water by my toddlers, I really want to try out a rash guard swimsuit like this one. If I want to branch out from my norm, I love this olive green color – it’s like a neutral but still a little splash of color. Of course tie dye is in this year, and I love this suit. And yellow is Pantone’s color of the year, if you’re brave enough to wear that bright of a color, this suit is for you!

Whether you’re just hanging around this spring/summer or taking a beachy vacay, I hope this post helps! Thanks for reading! XO – S

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