Cozy Christmas Finds

pajamas | mug | slippers | waffle maker

It’s getting to be that time of year, where you’d rather stay inside bundled up and cozy with cocoa, coffee and comfort foods. Or if you’re like me, because of Covid, you’ve been doing that since March!

I rounded up some of the most popular items on my LTK page to share – these four items fall under the cozy category, and they’re all under $25! They’d also all make really good gifts!

How are you planning on celebrating your holidays? I’ll mostly be bundled up at home, but I’m hoping to get out for some socially distanced/outdoor holiday fun. No sitting on Santa’s lap this year, but I hope to see some fun decorations or take a horse drawn carriage ride or enjoy some cocktails with close girlfriends! Thanks for reading! XO – S

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