Stay At Home Amazon Finds

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Today I’m sharing some of my stay at home essentials, all from Amazon! I swear I really did not mean for all of these to color coordinate, but I guess we can see what I’m drawn to! Day after day I find myself in some combo of joggers/pajama pants like these, and a cozy cardigan or robe like this one. I got a similar pair of socks like these for Christmas, and they’ve gotten so much use this quarantine that they’re wearing out on the bottom, so I’d like to get a cozy pair of these slippers too. We were able to take a little family walk on Easter morning, and it was nice to take my coffee to-go in my Yeti mug, and I also can’t wait until the weather is nice enough for me to sit out and sip wine out of this insulated wine tumbler. After the girls go to bed, I like to lay down under the covers and watch TV on my phone, and these air pod dupes (only $36!) are perfect so I don’t wake the baby. Some people say bras are the least used item in their household this quarantine, but I prefer wearing these lounge bras when I’m at home. I’m currently going through some major postpartum hair loss, so I love these spiral hair ties that don’t rip my hair out anymore than it’s already coming out. And this Tula eye balm is perfect for my tired mama eyes!

It has officially been one month since I’ve left my house, and I’m not going to lie… today has been a tough one. It’s too cold to go outside, my toddler is being so defiant, and the baby is teething so she’s super moody and just not her normal, cheerful self. I’m also trying to limit my coffee intake, and that combined with a baby who’s up twice in the night just makes for one exhausted mama. I just feel like I’m at my wit’s end, and I’m so ready for this pandemic to be over, but I know we have a long way to go. I’m hoping the girls nap at the same time today and I can go to my happy place watching Real Housewives of New York on my DVR… fingers crossed! Hope you’re all holding up so far! Make sure to sign up to get my blog posts sent straight to your inbox by entering your email below! Thanks for reading! XO

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