Men’s Gift Guide (mostly) under $50

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Guys are hard to shop for, especially if the men in your life are like the men in my life and just buy whatever they want for themselves. So I rounded up a few easy gift ideas to help you out if you’re having trouble!

Socks are a nice gift and an easy stocking stuffer. My husband is always needing new socks this time of year! Last year we got these Yeti coffee mugs and we use them all the time! They come on several colors too! My husband also bought himself a similar pair of these slippers that are nice to wear around the house but can also be worn outdoors to grab the mail or take out the garbage. And my husband has also been getting a lot of use out of these ice molds that he puts in his whiskey!

My husband will pretty much wear anything I buy him. But if you’ve got a picky guy to shop for, some other ideas are subscriptions to clubs – such as Dollar Shave Club, this monthly subscription for craft beers, or this coffee of the month club. This website also has several other “of the month” clubs like chocolate, pizza, fruit, wine and cigars!

I hope this list helps you find something for whatever guy you’re shopping for, whether it be your dad, husband, brother, or in-laws! Thanks for reading! XO – S

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