My Amazon Finds for Fall | Fall Style under $40

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I haven’t made one of these for a while so I figured it was about time! Especially since my Amazon wish list is getting out of control… I thought I’d share some of my current faves with you all!

It’s no shock that most of my wish list consists of fall items. Not only because I live my best life in the fall, but I’m also approaching my due date with bably number 2, and I cannot wait to get back in to some normal clothes… even though I know it may still be a while. I can still dream! To be honest, I miss normal jeans, a good front tuck, and I really kind of miss wearing a heeled bootie – which I can still wear, but for the most part I live in my Adidas slides! All of these sweaters are under $40, and the tanks are under $20 which is why I love Amazon so much – so affordable! They also all have 4+ stars in their reviews, which is always huge for me when buying off Amazon. And each one of these options come in several colors!

I included a few tanks for layering options – if your fall is anything like my fall, it’s a sweater and jeans in the cool, crisp morning and sweating bullets by afternoon! So it’s nice to be able to shed some layers!

It’s a gorgeous morning and my day off of work, so I’m hoping to get outside with my daughter for a bit – it looks like it’s going to be another rainy weekend! Perfect for doing a little shopping online! Hope you guys have a good one! Thanks for reading! XO – S

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