Sunflower Festival | Summer Style

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dress (non-maternity)| shoes

For weeks I’d been on the hunt for a sunflower patch and all of the sudden, one popped up right across town! Our local pumpkin patch had sunflowers this year, and it was so fun to go out, get some cute pics of Elle and play around in the field. At one point, Elle had a full on conversation with a butterfly and it was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I bought this dress in the spring when I was very early on in my pregnancy, and I was shocked to put it on and have it still fit at 31 weeks pregnant. It’s bump friendly, but not big enough to make me feel like I’m wearing a tent. I highly recommend this dress as a nice, breezy summer dress, and it pairs well with a jean jacket for cool nights!

Time for some #realtalk. Before I posted this picture to my Instagram, I was staring at it just tearing myself apart – which I do pretty often after taking pics for my blog. I thought, I hate taking pics of myself. Do I look too wide, why am I holding my dress that way, should I have put my hand under my belly so people know I’m pregnant? Why didn’t I fix my hair? I really should have used a better camera lens. Then I thought – of course I look wide. I’m almost 8 months pregnant. I’m holding my dress that way because that’s just the way I was standing. I didn’t fix my hair because it was humid AF and there was no fixing it. And I will use my nicer camera lens when I have time to figure out how to use it – which is not while I’m chasing around my almost two year old – (but she does make practicing with the lens very fun!) Then I got on Facebook and a friend of mine posted something and it almost made me cry. She said, “Stop yourself from tearing apart how you look when you see a photo with you in it. Compliment yourself on what you DO like. Be happy RIGHT NOW. Talk about what you’re thankful for. Genuinely compliment other people. Work really hard at what you’re passionate about. I promise those things are a recipe for being TRULY happy.” After reading that, I didn’t care anymore about how wide I looked, how crappy my camera lens took my photo, how big my hair got in the humidity, because I had a great time being outside with my family and friends, I was HAPPY, I was very thankful for an extra weekend day off with my husband and daughter and I need to remember that this is all just for fun. And I wanted to share that in case you needed to read it too!

Hope you all are having a good week back to reality! Thanks for reading! XO – S