Wilson’s Apple Orchard | Fall Style

sweater, also love this one | pants | hat, similar here and here | booties, similar here | bandana | elle’s outfit, similar here and here | elle’s bow

I’m a sucker for all things fun fall activities. I’m always living my best life in the month of October, mainly because I’m an October baby and it’s the best fall month in my opinion. There’s usually decent weather (although we had a ton of rain and even snow this year!) and the leaves are by far the prettiest towards the end of the month. When I was younger, I used to hit up all of the haunted houses, and now that I’m older, if you give me a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard, I’m a happy girl. And thankfully we have both options not too far from where we live! We went to Wilson’s Apple Orchard in Iowa City and Elle had so much fun picking apples!

After we got done picking apples, we had some apple cider donuts and Elle demolished the apples she picked when we got home. Thankfully I have a baby who LOVES her fruits and veggies – although I’m sure it won’t always be that way, I’ll take it while I can! What’s your favorite fall activity? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! XO

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