Elle’s First Birthday Party

Look at that cheese! Elle was SO excited to celebrate her first birthday this month, and I am so excited to share the details of her party with all of you! I was inspired by this “One is Fun” birthday party post here. Thanks to some awesome vendors, this party came out exactly how I wanted. Some may think I went a little overboard for a one year old’s birthday, but it really wasn’t a ton of work and I just had so much fun putting it together! Trust me – I could have gone a LOT crazier! Check out some of the fun details below!

ELLE IS ONE balloons | plates, napkins and popcorn cups | “one” picks and “one” banner | light up letter board| “1” sparkler wand | cake pedestal

We enjoyed a HUGE cake from Costco, and Elle’s little smash cake was made by Cookie Mom’s Cookies in North Liberty. If you want to know more about the fringe backdrop, check out this DIY post here (it’s A LOT easier than it looks! Instead of poster board I just used a large piece of bulletin board paper!) and if you’d like the recipe for the popcorn, click here! I hope you find some inspiration from this post! Thanks for reading! XO

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