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The Nordstrom #NSale is ON in full force with public access starting today, and I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite home items for you guys! This was my favorite portion of the sale to shop, because my husband and I are currently searching for a new home (yes, again!) so I love looking through the home section – especially when it’s on sale! My mind is currently set on baby room – so that’s why you’re seeing mostly pink and gold!
Now that the sale is open to the public, things are going to go quick, so if you weren’t already prepared for the sale, get over to Nordstrom and get your items before they sell out! And be sure to bookmark things that are sold out, and keep checking back on them – they could do restocks on some items!
Check out this post here for my ultimate #NSale guide under $100, including shoes, tops, bottoms and dresses! Don’t forget – sale ends 8/6! And as always, happy shopping! XO

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