summer stripes + maternity jeans

top (non-maternity), also similar here | jeans (maternity) | shoes | sunnies, similar here and here
I’ve been trying my hardest to not buy maternity clothes. My problem isn’t having to buy clothes in a bigger size, it’s spending money on clothes I’ll only wear for a few months (maternity clothes are expensive!) and honestly, I’ve had a really hard time finding anything that cute. When I found out I was going to be pregnant throughout the summer I thought, great! I have tons of maxi dresses I can wear all summer long, it will be perfect! While that is partially true, I didn’t realize exactly how my body was going to change. This isn’t just a too-bloated belly, and things are moving and re-shaping a bit differently than I expected. So I bit the bullet and bought a pair of maternity jeans. Thankfully Liz Lange for Target has a few (see: few, the options are very limited in-store!) staple-type items to choose from, and these jeans were a must have. I love this top – it is not maternity, but fits a bump really well. I bought it a size up for some extra length to compensate for my extra lumps and bump, but the off the shoulder makes it a little easier to pull it down and cover things up!
To be completely honest, maternity jeans are SUPER comfy, and I’ll probably even wear them post-pregnancy. I bought the jeans with the inset under the belly because I like to do a little front-tuck (while I still can!) but if I had to do it again, I’d buy the over the belly, because it helps smooth things out (think spanx) and also helps keep the pants up – I’ve found myself constantly pulling these jeans up, but I’m thinking I will grow into them soon! 
I’ll be 27 weeks this week, and if you have been or are currently a mama-to-be, I’d love any tips on how to survive the rest of this summer! Also, any great clothing sites with cute maternity clothes at decent prices you can suggest would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading! XO

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