some exciting news…

custom tee c/o bow and drape | jeans (non maternity) | belly band (an absolute necessity!) | shoes
We’ve been keeping a secret… we’re expecting! I’ve been wanting to share this news for a while, but I’ve been struggling with how and when… I had a somewhat rough first trimester with morning sickness and a pretty stressful second trimester, so I’m hoping third trimester is smooth sailing. Besides getting a little extra TLC from my hubby, co-workers and some strangers, I haven’t enjoyed much about being pregnant, so it hasn’t been a topic I’ve been excited to talk about. It wasn’t until we found out the gender that I started getting real maternal instincts. Plus this gaining weight thing has been a real struggle for me. This custom tee from Bow and Drape describes exactly how I feel: Pregnant AF. But I keep telling myself my body is doing an amazing thing! Honestly I think I’m just impatient, and I can’t wait to meet Baby McClure in October!
We found out the gender of our baby on our five year wedding anniversary, which was pretty special. We had a small celebration with close friends and family and we were over the moon when we found out what we were having. I reached out to TOPS Malibu about some items for my baby shower (more to come on that!) and they were nice enough to send me this confetti fountain to reveal the gender to my readers! Keep scrolling to see what we are having…
It’s a girl! 
Honestly I knew in my heart from the very beginning that we were having a girl, and I cannot wait. We are going to have the best time together!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and since I can’t really hide it anymore, expect some more bump style posts! Thanks for reading! XO

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