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I was supposed to be in Palm Springs this week, and the anticipation of the vacation got me obsessing over all things cactus. Which is funny because when I was little we would travel to Arizona to visit my Grandma and my mom would come back with all sorts of desert decor and my sister and I would always make fun of her – as I get older it’s crazy to see how trends come back around! Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip to Palm Springs, but I’m still loving the cactus trend and today I’m sharing a few of my faves!
Kate Spade has really jumped on the cactus trend with some of the cutest accessories out right now, like this phone case, this bracelet, these slides and these wedges. I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to pull off these wedges, but they’re like artwork to me, and that I love! I love dainty gold jewelry, like this necklace and these earrings – that you can put on this jewelry dish – and a cute graphic piece, like this tank, this sweater and this neckerchief. And what’s more perfect for summer than a cactus shaped ice cube tray or pool float!?
Can you believe summer is only 5 days away? I can, because it’s a million degrees in Iowa and hasn’t rained in weeks… I feel like I’m living in the desert! Are you loving the cactus trend or no? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! XO

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