five things i’m thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! After working eight, grueling retail days in a row I am so thankful to be able to wind down with my family. So I wanted to sit down and talk about a few things I am thankful for in the spirit of this holiday! These are in no particular order… I’m equally thankful for them all!
First on my list would be my husband. He works so hard, especially this time of year. Working grocery can take the wind out of your sails for the holidays and he doesn’t have much time for himself, but he still finds time to be with loved ones when he can.
Secondly would be our dog, Fletch. No one will ever understand my bond with my dog. We moved him to a new house in a new town and we have been up to our ears in work ever since. I broke down feeling so terrible about the fact that we’ve been so busy and I feel like we’ve been neglecting him since we moved back to Iowa and I’ve been working full time again. But he is even more happy when I come home at night and I make sure to give him extra cuddles when I can. 
Third would be our health. As we get older you never know what can go wrong. We have had so many loved ones with illnesses and we have been very fortunate to have them all fight through it. It’s comforting to know what a strong family we have. 
Fourth on the list are my best friends. You know who you are. I don’t know what I would do without you ladies. I make bad jokes, I complain, I’m dramatic, I tell stupid stories, I sometimes drink too much, but you’re still there for me to talk to every day. Whether I hang out with you often or occasionally go out for sushi with you, it always feels like no time has passed, and I cannot wait to continue to make memories. I had to re-evaluate some friendships this year but I’m thankful to know who is truly by my side. 
Lastly would be my family and my husband’s family who have been so supportive over the past few years with all of our moving and job changes. Whether they drove all the way down to Missouri or Iowa to help us out with our house, just to hang out with me when I was missing them, or helping us financially, I am so thankful. 
I could just blanket statement say, I’m thankful for friends and family, but each have given me their own reason for me to be thankful. While I love shopping, I’m a little vain and I love material things probably a little too much, it’s these things mentioned above that mean the most to me, and I want that to be known. So Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy this time with your families! Thanks for reading! XO

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