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Are you hosting Thanksgiving, or even Friendsgiving this year? If not, you’re probably relying on someone else to do all the hard work for you, so what better way to say thanks than with a hostess gift? I know that I like to sit back and let my mom do all the work on Thanksgiving, not that she would let me help, but I know a lot of hard work goes into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal. My sister and I will sometimes bring her a nice floral arrangement for the table and she’s completely content with that, but if you’re looking for something different, look no further! I’ve gathered up a few festive gifts for the host/hostess in your life, and all but one are $50 or less!
I love being festive, so the more holiday themed items I can have, the better. I know that once I start hosting my own Thanksgiving, I will be going all out with the décor, and the serving spoon is no exception! That’s why I like this one appropriately stamped “Thanks and Giving” –  I can see several “test tries” of my mom’s mashed potatoes with this spoon! These white and gold acorn salt and pepper shakers and these leaf cork coasters are adorable, and would add to the décor on the table as well as serving a purpose! My thought with this “Oh So Thankful” ceramic dish is that you can make a side dish in it and leave it for the host/hostess to keep – that way you don’t have to worry about leaving a dish behind or toting a dirty dish home – just make sure to tell them it’s theirs to keep, or they may just think you want them to clean your dishes for you! My sister and I used to love making wishes on the wishbone, and this magnetic wishbone comes apart and goes back together, so if there are kiddos in the host/hostess’ home, this is the perfect gift to entertain them, and make sure everyone gets their wishes in! There are typical gifts that are still great for the host/hostess, like this candle or these wine stoppers – pair either with a bottle of champs or wine and you’ll be in my heart forever! A lot of people eat their Thanksgiving meal at different times – some do lunch, others do dinner. At our house, we eat dinner, so during the day my mom makes some delicious homemade appetizers, like homemade pizza rolls or little cheeseburgers on rye bread. (Sounds weird but I promise – it’s the most delicious! I may post the recipe!) This serving tray and these appetizer plates would be a great gift for my mom to serve her apps on! And this “Get Stuffed” serving platter would be perfect to set that turkey on right in the middle of the table!
Once we get settled into our new house (hopefully in the next couple weeks!) I’m hoping to host a Friendsgiving, but I’m thinking by the time we get everything organized it will be more of a Friendsmasgiving instead! For last years tips on a successful Friendsgiving click here, and be sure to check back for some other fun festive posts in November! Thanks for reading! XO
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