southern charm reunion style

Living in Missouri, if I’m not working, my time consists of 30% napping, 50% reality TV, 10% social media and 10% hating not loving Missouri. Maybe 40% reality TV and 20% not loving Missouri. It varies. Blogging is in there somewhere, I love this creative outlet I’ve got going, so I want to combine the fashion aspect with one of my other loves of my life: reality TV. This is journalism at it’s finest, folks. Admittedly, I don’t have the most worldly things to talk about. I understand if you want to stop reading now and never want to come back. I don’t blame you. 

I’m going to keep it short and sweet about a show I’m hooked on: Southern Charm. This season is over, (sad face emoji) so there’s not a point for me to really dive deep into it, but I’m telling you guys… If you haven’t jumped on the Southern Charm bandwagon, you need to get on iTunes, buy all the seasons, binge watch until you’re dreaming in T-Rav’s ridiculous southern accent, and thank me when you’re done. This show has some characters. On TV it seems like a bunch of sweet, well-rounded southern ladies and gents but I think there’s a lot more that happens behind-the-scenes. This group of friends is so random – the age group varies from 24-53. I guess that’s the perfect recipe for one hell of a dramatic show. Well done, Bravo. Let’s talk about the good and the bad of what the ladies of Charleston decided to wear to the reunion, and what I wish they would have worn instead. 
dress (in black) | similar dress
Cameran: I’m not always in love with Cameran’s style, but for how she eats (grilled cheese with a side of Cheetos!?) she looks good in anything. However I LOVED her reunion dress. Blue is your color, girl! 
dress | wish she would have worn: dress
Jennifer Snowden: What a glowing mama-to be! This one is hard for me, first of all because she is preggers and secondly because she was SO SWEET on the reunion… But I don’t love the dress. She even admitted on her Instagram it wasn’t her best look so I don’t feel too terrible saying something. The color wasn’t terrible on her though, so I’ve linked what I wish she would have worn. 
wish she would have worn: necklace | dress
Kathryn: Oh, Kathryn. She looked so pretty, but what in the ever living f–k was she wearing. Please tell me Cooper wasn’t the one who let you out of the house looking like that. I kind of felt a little bad for thinking that necklace was so tragic after Kathryn was talking about how she was making and selling vintage jewelry, and I literally wanted to rip Landon’s head off for smirking at her about it. But c’mon, K. You can do better than that!

dress | similar earrings (that are only $3!)
Landon: By far my favorite look on the reunion! The red looked great on her and paired with those tassel earrings and her beachy hair I was getting serious tropical vacation vibes! 

I do want to say that I’m SO BUMMED that Naomie wasn’t on the reunion. Girl’s got style! I’m sure she would have looked fab. Hope you enjoyed this twist on my normal style posts! Thanks for reading! XO
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