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With all the beauty products out there today, it’s nice to have someone kind of narrow it down for you. I used to only use drug store beauty products until I started going to Sephora where I found the people working there to be SO helpful. I still use some drug store items that are my staples, but I’ve discovered some products at Sephora that I just can’t live without. Here are some of my beauty items that I’m currently using, both drug store staples and Sephora splurges:
Makeup Forever HD Foundation + Primer: Some people look flawless fresh faced – I am not one of those people. I have a lot of sun spots that are really hard to cover and that I’m super self conscious of. I’ve used several different foundations, and so far this is one of my favorites. It’s a toss up between Makeup Forever HD and Clinique Even Better. I recently started using this with the Makeup Forever Primer (they have several different primers for different skin types -amazing! This one is a basic primer for normal skin.) and I’ve been pretty happy! 
Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller: I don’t normally bite for this kind of stuff but I saw that this got a really good review and thought alright, I’ll check it out… I don’t know why my eyes are puffy all the time because I get plenty of sleep – must be all the driving I do. But I gave it a try and the second I put the cool rollerball under my eye I was hooked – it feels so refreshing! I use it every morning before putting on makeup, and I have to say, I can definitely tell a difference. 
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: Such an amazing scent for spring! To see my other perfume picks check out this post here
Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: I got this recommendation from Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied – I’d never used a makeup setting spray before so I don’t have a lot to compare this to, but it does the job so in my book, it’s good stuff. It’s very light, dries fast and keeps my makeup on point. And the best part – this bottle lasts forever! 
The Falsies Push Up Drama by Maybelline: I’m a mascara junkie – I love trying all different kinds and my vanity is chock-full of all sorts of mascara. My sister introduced me to this one by Maybelline and it did not disappoint. It has this crazy cool brush that easily coats every lash and it really does create the look of wearing fake lashes. 
Color Sensational by Maybelline: I have this new-ish love affair with lipstick, and (again) my sister introduced me to the Color Sensational collection from Maybelline. I’ve tried several different bright colors from the line, but this time I wanted to go for a nude that I could wear every day, so I chose the color Nude Embrace in matte. It goes on so smooth and is just such a flawless lipstick. 
L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Summer Express Wash-Off Body Makeup: I have always been a fan of L’Oreal’s self tanning products (their airbrush spray tan is the BEST!) and they used to have this tinted gel that I haven’t been able to find in a while so I believe it was discontinued. Then they came out with this new Sublime Bronze wash-off body makeup… I know, it sounds weird, but this stuff is legit. It doesn’t rub off on my clothes and creates this flawless looking, non-streaky, non-smelling tan and BONUS! It’s hydrating as well! I’ve already lost my Hawaii tan, so this stuff will come in very handy this spring/summer. 
I’m also a little over a week into using Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen – all that tanning I did as a teen, oy! I’m that old lady always yelling at the kids that come into work straight from the tanning bed… I wish they’d listen to me! I plan to do a review of the Reverse regimen once I really get into it, but for now I’ll cross my fingers and hope it works – I live for the day I can say I went to the grocery store with no makeup! 
What are some beauty items that you currently love? Let me know in the comments below!

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