a guide to registering for your wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and now that we’ve dipped into it, I wanted to share a little guide to help with your wedding registry! While I am certainly not an expert on wedding registries, I have been there, and in my experience these are the things that have come in the most useful in my household. Just a few things that some people don’t think of other than your standard towels, fine china or pot holders. 
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Keurig – If you and your S.O. are coffee drinkers, definitely add a Keurig to your registry. We use our Keurig every day, and this one is perfect because you can either make a single cup of coffee or you can buy the separate carafe and use that if you need to. I LOVE that it comes in different colors – we have it in black but I wish we had it in white! So chic!
Wine Rack – If you’re a wino like me (and I hope you are if you’re reading this blog!) than definitely register for a wine rack. I love this one from Crate and Barrel and it’s just big enough to hold all our nice stemware, wine and wine accessories but just small enough to not take up an obnoxious amount of space in our house. 
Pots and Pans – This is the perfect time to update your pots and pans. Chances are you’ve either combined your households before getting married or you’re about to, so it’s time to toss out the old pots and pans your parents probably handed down to you or bought you in college and register for new.

Knives – I use my knives every single day… I know that sounds weird, but really, when making meals it is so nice to have a nice set of knives out and I don’t know about you, but having knives in drawers freaks me out… I don’t want to lose a finger. Register for a set that has many options, including scissors, because those come in handy as well!

Everyday Dish Set – Just like the pots and pans, it’s time to refresh your dishes. Get rid of the mismatched sets in your cupboard and find something nice. We got this exact set when we got married and I love them. Go ahead and register for that fine china if you want to, but don’t forget about the stuff you’ll use everyday. 

Ninja Blender – I know this seems so random, but I use my Ninja literally every day. It’s not just a blender, it’s also a food processor and sometimes I can even use it as a mixer. You may think you don’t need it but seriously if there was a number one thing I would suggest to put on your registry, this would be it!

Silverware – Same with the dishes and pots and pans – out with the old, in with the new! 

Pyrex Baking Dishes – You may not use these every day, but they’re really handy to have them around for when you do need them. 

Bissell Little Green Machine – This spot cleaner is so convenient to have especially if you have pets or you or your S.O. are clumsy (like me!) and spill stuff all of the time. In our last house it came in so handy because we had carpet and used it all the time, but now we have hardwood floors and hardly use it – in fact I let my sister borrow it about a year ago and I haven’t seen it since. But I know she uses it a lot! If you have carpet in your home, this is a great item to add to your registry. 
Nice Stemware – Again, wino over here… One of things I use most often – my wine glasses! There’s something about using nice stemware versus the cheap stuff I had around my house in college – just makes you feel more sophisticated! I have white, red, and champagne glasses, and they’re all hung on my wine rack… It looks pretty, they’re convenient to grab (after a bad day at work if you know what I’m sayin’) and they’re nice to have when you have company. 
Are you getting married this year? If so, I hope this list helped you out! Thanks for reading! 

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