valentine’s day gift guide // for him

10 // express men socks

I know what you’re thinking – isn’t it a bit early to be talking about Valentine’s Day? Sorry not sorry – I’m a planner. And I wanted to get you guys thinking ahead to account for shipping time (if you love shopping online as much as I do.) Truth is, I LOVE love. So of course I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day! (I know, EYEROLL.) My husband and I try to have date nights often, but Valentine’s Day is special to me because we usually get dressed up, go to a nice place for dinner where we leave our phones in our car and have a nice, romantic night just enjoying each other’s company. We have a lot of great memories on Valentine’s Day. Our first trip to Hawaii was over Valentine’s Day, and we had a beautiful dinner at a place called Brown’s Beach where the sunset views are amazing. When we lived in Iowa we used to go to a restaurant called The Lighthouse and have dinner, then we would go to the attached bar which has jazz music and great cocktails and it was just a date unlike any other. Valentine’s Day was when we went out shopping for our wedding bands, and it was also the day we decided on the song we were going to have our first dance to at our wedding, so that’s a special memory. Now that we live in Missouri, we go to restaurant called A&G’s, where we are starting a new tradition. Last year on Valentine’s Day we had just taken possession of our new house in Missouri, and it was our first full day of residency here together, so that too is a special memory. 
As I’ve said before, my husband and I tend to not give each other gifts, but rather spend the money on a trip for the both of us. But every so often I’ll find something for him that I feel like would be a special gift, and that’s why I’ve made this list. These items don’t necessarily need to be for your S.O. either. They can be for any of the special men in your life! 
Check back for my Valentine’s Day gift guide for the ladies! Thanks for reading! 

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