t a s s e l t r e n d

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Tassels are everywhere these days, literally from head toe. It’s one of the hottest trends right now, and designers are having a ton of fun with them. They really give a little oomph to any accessory or piece of clothing, and even home décor, like these pillows. Originally I thought they’d be more of a summer thing, but the tassel trend is being carried well into the fall/winter, as shown on this scarfthis sweater dress and these adorable shoes (that need to get into my closet ASAP.) This beach bag and these earrings would be perfect for any upcoming tropical vacations you have planned, and how cool is this tassel USB charger?? A trendy accessory for your purse and a charger all in one! 
What do you guys think? Are you into the tassel trend, or are you over it? You might want to get used to it… it’s here to stay for 2016! Thanks for reading! 

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