fall in iowa // amana colonies

I absolutely love this time of year. When summer turns into fall and all the cute clothes and accessories that come along with it. Usually around this time, my sister and mom and I take a trip to the Amana Colonies in Amana, Iowa. They have a couple restaurants with delicious food, and the most adorable little shops with all sorts of clothing and wine and cheese and amazing Christmas decorations. This year we got an early snowfall, so it didn’t feel as fall-y as normal, but there are still bright yellow and orange leaves on the trees – kind of strange. But it was still fun nonetheless. This weekend there are tons of Christmas events starting – check it out at www.festivalsinamana.com. (They also host an AMAZING Oktoberfest every year at the beginning of October!)
We of course started our day at the clothing shops. They had these awesome displays – so creative! 

While we were walking around the shops, a friend of mine messaged me and told me she really liked a girl’s outfit out in Amana – and then she realized it was me! Meanwhile I was planning to make a post about it – so I’m happy to share with you guys my first outfit post!


Shop this look:

jacket {50% off until Friday!} // scarf // shirt // pants {50% off until Friday!} // booties // purse {similar here and here}
I love this jacket and have it in 3 different colors. It’s so comfy for a leather jacket. I also love all the zippers on it – such cute detail. This scarf is amazing as well – I forgot a winter coat while visiting Iowa and it has kept me SO warm. It’s a blanket scarf and it folds out and it’s huge and perfect for planes and car rides! These pants are the best pants I’ve ever owned.. in fact, I now own 3 pair in the exact same color. I’m scared they will go away or get ruined! They are so soft and do not fade in the wash. I just bought these booties and even with a high heel, they are so incredibly comfortable. I wear them all the time, and want them in black as well!
Don’t let all that snow fool you – it was a beautiful day. We ended at the wine and cheese shop – naturally. Smoked string cheese and white cheese curds are my weakness. I also got some really great Christmas decorations – I can’t wait to decorate after Thanksgiving! 
Have a Happy Turkey Day! I hope you’re all able to spend it with loved ones! Anybody excited for Black Friday?? 🙂

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