pajama party

I love getting dolled up as much as anyone, but do you ever have one of those days where you just do not want to get out of your pajamas? That’s me today. It’s cold and cloudy outside, I don’t have to work and I have a lot of DVR to catch up on. As the days get shorter and nights get colder, I find myself spending a lot more time in my PJs. As much as I love yoga pants and an old t-shirt, sometimes you just want to be comfy AND cute. So I’ve been inspired to make a post on some of my favorite kinds of sleepwear.

Sleep sets:
Victoria’s Secret // Fireside Long Jane Pajama
BP. Undercover // Pug Print Short Pajamas (I love Pugs! These PJs are definitely on my Christmas list!)
Because sometimes you just don’t want to wear pants:
Victoria’s Secret // The Angel Sleep Tee (comes in several patterns and colors!)
For when you DO want to wear pants:
Target // Sleep Short
Anthropologie // Dotted Lounge Leggings
Tops to tell how you really feel: // I Heart Friends Pajamas (because who doesn’t?!)
Forever 21 // Coffee Now PJ Set
For when you’re feeling a bit on the sexy side:

Victoria’s Secret // Satin Cami and Short Set (comes in 6 colors!)
Josie Natori // Sheer Lace-Trim Shorts
Old Navy // Lace Cami Bra
Anthropologie //Klamath Falls Bra
And don’t forget slippers too!

Victoria’s Secret // The Cozy Slipper
Ok, back to being lazy. I refuse to put my contacts in or wear any makeup today. I’m also going to make a batch of macaroni and cheese. Because I can! And I need to continue my DVR marathon – I’ve decided to start watching Nashville and I need to catch up before my sister gives me any more spoilers. What do you guys like to do on your lazy days off?

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