kansas city fashion week // runway on the rooftop

I know I’m a bit late on this post, but, better late than never, right? I told you guys that I was waiting for UPS to deliver me a new iPhone, which did not end up coming when I expected it to, so I was stuck bringing an old junky phone to the Kansas City Fashion Show. Wouldn’t you know, that phone would stop working literally the second we got up to the rooftop. Just my luck! (Note to self: Always bring your old school camera with you everywhere, no matter who makes fun of you!) My sister tells me that Mercury is in retrograde for us Libras… I’m not one to normally believe that kind of stuff, but I’m telling you, it feels pretty much spot on for me lately. Only four more days until things start going normal for me again… fingers crossed! Anyway, needless to say, if I wanted to make a blog post about my favorite looks, I needed some pics. So I reached out to a gal at Indium Photo to see if I could use a few of her pictures, and she so kindly said yes! Here is a gorgeous view of the Runway on the Rooftop:

The collections and boutiques that were featured at Runway on the Rooftop were Jenna Sea, Zafar, Mary Mwash Collections and The Garment District Boutique. These are my top five favorite looks from the night (photos courtesy of Indium Photography):

All in all, I’d say the night was a success. The DJ was fantastic, cocktails were good, weather was excellent and there was a lot of great fashion, on and off the runway. Next spring I look forward to attending more than one day of fashion week!

To see more fabulous photos from the night, check out Indium Photography as well as the Kansas City Fashion Week Facebook page!
Kansas City Fashion Week Facebook page

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